Notable people of Krakow Ghetto

Notable people of Krakow Ghetto

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The Krakow Ghetto is remembered as another example of the barbarism of Nazi Germany during World War Two. However, the Krakow Ghetto is also remembered for great acts of heroism and of survival against the odds.

Oskar Schindler’s heroic story was drawn to the attention of many for the first time in ‘Schindler’s List’. This was a movie that detailed how a wealthy German factory owner defied the authorities to get 1,200 Jews to safety – and away from certain death.

The Polish costume designer, writer and painter, Roma Ligocka, is a survivor of the Krakow Ghetto. As a baby Roma was taken to the Krakow Ghetto with her mother, while her father ended up in Auschwitz. Before the Krakow Ghetto was liquidated Roma fled with her mother, and they were sheltered by a Polish family until the end of the War.

Roma Ligocka is the cousin of the famous film director Roman Polanski, whose mother died in Auschwitz. Roman’s half-sister, Annette, was also taken to the concentration camp, but she survived. As a small boy Roman Polanski had escaped the Krakow Ghetto, while Roman’s father also survived the War, after being taken to Mauthausen concentration camp.

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