What to see in Krakow Ghetto

What to see in Krakow Ghetto

Posted on Feb 2, 2014 | 0 comments

Krakow in Poland is a fascinating and evocative place to visit. Krakow was once home to over 65,000 Jews, and the Podgorze Ghetto was established in 1941 by the Nazis to house them. So what remains for the visitor to see here?

The Krakow Mounds are a sight that will take the visitor’s breath away. Of the five mounds situated around Krakow the oldest is the Krakus Mound, a prehistoric structure rising to 16 metres in height. No visitor can leave Krakow without taking the Auschwitz Tour and seeing the distressing, but compelling evidence of the atrocities visited on the Jewish population in World War Two. Painful as it may be, this tour is so evocative of the history of the area that it should not be missed. Many of these tours include a visit to the Wielicza Salt Mines.

Around Podgorze there still remain some of the original wall fragments to remind the visitor of the days when the Jewish Population were forcibly contained here. A Krakow Tour will take one around the Old Town visiting Synagogues, Jewish Cemeteries and the unmissable Kazimierz region. Despite its dreadful history Krakow is a breathtakingly beautiful place, and, from the summit of Krakus Mound the panoramic vista is laid out in all its glory.

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