Krakow Ghetto history

Krakow Ghetto history

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Between the years of 1941 and 1945, there were approximately six camps that were being used to exterminate individuals that were thought to be Polish Jews within Poland. These existed within the areas of Belzec, Auschwitz, as well as several others. These camps heavily effected areas such as Kazimierz, in which there were large numbers of Jewish inhabitants. A number of other camps were also introduced in the general government area of Poland, which also focused as labor prisons, in which many individuals were killed.

The Nazi German system of killing murdered children, men and women and wiped out all of the Jewish population of Krakow (about 60,000 people) of with a high proportion living in the Kazimierz district. Krakow was a terrifying case of one of the most devastating human tragedies during the Second World War.

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The Belzec concentration camp is an area that is located within the south eastern side of Poland. An operation was put in place in 1942 to kill several million Jews in an area that the Nazis were calling the general government. It is though that over 450,000 individuals were killed at this concentration camp alone.
Many who were killed were not Jewish but suffered the same carbon monoxide poisoning that was carried out within the camp.Today there is no remains of the concentration camp. The area has been redeveloped and all that is left is a museum and a small memorial wall to commemorate those that lost their lives at the camp.


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